SANDRA GREENE: Sandra is the protagonist of the story.  She is in her early twenties, has mousey-brown hair, and is
average looking.  She has never had a serious boyfriend, or even a non-serious one.  She comes from a poor, broken
home, barely finished high school, and now she finds herself stuck at a dead-end job as an assistant manager of a
pizza place that she hates.  She knows men don’t go for women like her:  the invisible ones, the plain ones
scrambling to make a living without benefit of the right connections, college degree, and fashionable clothes.  She is
about 40 pounds overweight and has no life outside of the pizza job she hates until she meets the Hunt Club.  She
meets the ladies of the Hunt Club at the wedding for her best friend, Annette, when they proudly claim they were
responsible for making the wedding happen.  The Hunt Club makes Sandra an offer she can’t refuse:  meet and
marry any man she wants—no matter how good-looking, rich, powerful, or successful—and all she has to do is join
them to play their “matchmaking” game.  She immediately joins and is transformed through a make-over and physical
training to prepare for her hunt of the man of her dreams: the sexy Hollywood actor Michael Warren.  During the course
of the story, Sandra realizes when you meet the right man for you, you don’t have to jump through hoops and get make-
overs in order to get him.  

ANNETTE RODACKER RUTHERFORD: Annette is Sandra’s closest friend, and they originally share many of the same
characteristics.  The shy, simple twenty-something Annette was overweight and awkward until she met the ladies of
the Hunt Club, who transformed her into a confident, beautiful woman.  The Hunt Club targeted the handsome and
rich William Rutherford and learned everything about him, so Annette would be his perfect match.  After using what
turns out to be unscrupulous methods to ensure their wedding, the Hunt Club is proud of arranging the nuptials and
offers to do the same thing for Sandra.  The transformation of Annette startles Sandra as she learns that, as Annette
turned beautiful on the outside, she sold her soul for that beauty.

AMBER:  Amber is in her late teens.  She was raised by a physically and emotionally abusive father, and she then
went on to live with an equally abusive boyfriend.  Her life was headed nowhere until she met the ladies of the Hunt
Club who gave her a make-over, gave her confidence, and targeted the handsome, successful Brantley Garnier who
they helped trick into marring her.

MARTHA ROBERTS:  She is a wealthy, mean, elderly woman who is the leader of the Hunt Club.  She was the sister
of the original founder, Dorothy Mae Roberts, and she is pure greed and evil.  She has made her fortune off of the
money received in the Hunt Club girls.  Originally, she arranged for anyone in the Hunt Club’s way to be relocated, but
she later determined it easier just to have them killed.  She has people killed off like they were nothing, and she’s
determined that nothing will stand in the way of her getting what she wants.  When she finds out a 16 year-old was
being rude to Sandra at the pizza place, she even went so far as to try and run her off the road.  She has no fear of
consequences.  She is in her late sixties or early seventies and walks with a cane.  When she is sitting down, she
taps her cane constantly, as if tapping out the syllables to words as she speaks.

MIRIAM ROBERTS ELLINGTON:  She is a forty-something year-old socialite, and the meetings of the Hunt Club take
place in her extravagant Highland Park home.  She is Martha’s right hand in the Hunt Club, but she has a softer touch
and hides her evil side better.  She was one of the original women the Hunt Club transformed into a beauty, and she
connects emotionally with the new girls who join the club.  

JEREMY R. LAMBERT:  He is the executioner of the Hunt Club.  The Hunt Club is a national organization (that is slowly
developing overseas as well).  Jeremy works as a Private Investigator, but he actually is the one to arrange for car
accidents and other ways to murder people who stand in the way of the Hunt Club games.  He is in his forties and
resembles Dr. Phil, even having a similar southern accent.  He is a brilliant man, never rushed, and his evil words can
be just as harsh as any weapon.  The typical psychopath, he has a sarcastic and sadistic sense of humor and enjoys
causing fear in people.

JOYCE YARDLING:  She is one of the head women of the Hunt Club.  She is your typical polished, big-haired,
southern belle who always has the proper thing to say.  She even offers the FBI agents muffins when they come in to
arrest them.  She’s in her fifties, has reddish-blonde hair, never has a hair or long red fingernail out of place, and
speaks with a refined, soft southern accent that is almost lyrical.  She uses her designer reading glasses as a
magnifying glass to read, sliding them down her nose.  She only wants the richest, most successful men for the Hunt
Club girls.  She always knows the latest gossip and what is going on.

ROSE BAKER:  She is the acting “President” of the Hunt Club, even though Martha and Miriam make all the
decisions.  She is in her fifties, and is genuinely a kind person.  She believes it is okay to kill people who get in the
way of the Hunt Club because of the way the Hunt Club women have been treated.  Before she joined the Hunt Club
and married successfully, she was invisible – working as a cashier at a deli and going nowhere.  Now, as a Hunt
Club Socialite, she attends every event and is the front person for the Hunt Club when meeting newly recruited girls.  
She is always put together and just stepped out of a hair salon, but she is more sophisticated than and not as flashy
as the other women of Hunt Club.

CHARLOTTE NICHOLS:  She is one of the leading ladies in the Hunt Club.  It’s hard to determine her exact age
because she has had so much work done.  She always has to have the biggest and the brightest of everything.  She
was one of the first women to play the Hunt Club game to get a husband, and she has divorced several times and
ended up playing again.  She has no conscience and loves every aspect of the Hunt Club.  

ELIZABETH “LIZ” GRAY-MILNER:  One of the main leaders of the Hunt Club, she is in her late twenties, short bobbed
blonde hair, petite build, and down to earth personality.  She is one of the women who played the Hunt Club game and
met her rich, good-looking husband.  She is very by-the-book and is known for her research and computer skills in the
club.  She finds the in-depth information on the male targets, works closely with Jeremy Lambert, and is Miriam’s

LEXI DONALDSON:  Lexi is a single member of the Hunt Club who is waiting to go after the man of her dreams.  The
only problem is, the man she wants is currently married, and the club has a policy that they don’t go after married
men. Lexi knows he will be divorced soon, and until then she is actively helping with the other Hunt Club hunts until it
is her turn.  The more she plays the game, the more she becomes critical about the Hunt Club methods.  During the
meetings, she is very vocal about the unethical things the Hunt Club is doing to trick guys into marriage.  Eventually,
Lexi disappears and no one knows what happened to her.  No one ever leaves the Hunt Club voluntarily...

CHRISTINE LETO:  Christine is a member of the Hunt Club who just a few years ago hunted and married her rich,
good-looking husband George, thanks to the club.  She is in her late twenties, is polished and made-over, but you can
still see the more average girl at times.  Now that she has gotten the guy of her dreams, she is determined to help
other girls who feel invisible like she did.  

TERESA:  Teresa is one of the newer members of the Hunt Club who is single and waiting her turn for her hunt.  She
is in her early twenties and enjoys the Hunt Club games.  She has been through a mini-makeover but is having to wait
until it is her time to play the game before she will get her complete make-over and go after any guy she wants.  She
has fun with Selma, another new member, flying around to investigate people and places for the current hunts.

SELMA:  Selma is a newer, single member of the Hunt Club who is waiting her turn for her hunt.  She has been
through a mini make-over and can’t wait until she is completely done over when it’s her chance to play the game.  She
is a black woman in her early twenties with a fun sense of humor and sarcasm.  She enjoys helping the other women
with their hunts and volunteers whenever she can to investigate people and places to help the game along.  

JOSEPH:  Joseph is a strikingly good-looking personal trainer in his late twenties who assists the Hunt Club girls
with losing weight and getting fit.  He is known for his painful and intense workouts.  He also works personally with
Miriam, and it is commonly known among the Hunt Club ladies that there is something going on between them that is
more than just working out.  

TAMMY ESSLER:  Tammy is in her early thirties and is a Hunt Club success story.  She was made over by the club
and, thanks to them, successfully met and married her husband, Jeff, a rich, good-looking attorney.  Tammy loves the
Hunt Club and would do anything to help its members succeed.  Jeff has somehow learned about the true activities of
the Hunt Club, and now he helps when needed—which concerns Martha and Miriam.  Tammy has no problem with
the idea of people getting killed because they are in the Hunt Club’s way.  She feels it is justified for the way she and
the other invisible girls have been treated all their lives due to the favoritism shown to the beautiful girls.


MICHAEL “MIKE” WARREN:  He is a strikingly good-looking B-list actor known for his long-running successful
television series that Sandra is addicted to watching on the lonely nights she sits alone.  He was raised in the poor
side of Houston, and lost touch with his real father.  Even though he is rich and successful, Mike has never forgotten
his roots or been able to outlive his feeling of unworthiness.  It is through this common feeling that he bonds with
Sandra on an authentic level, in spite of the masterminded plans of the Hunt Club to trick him into falling for Sandra.  

SOFIA ELON:  She is the twenty-something, sophisticated, beautiful perfume and fashion model, and girlfriend of
Michael Warren who is killed by the Hunt Club to clear the way for Sandra to have Michael.  Sofia is killed outside a
Paris hotel after being sent there, unknowingly, by the Hunt Club.  The FBI reveals the murder to Sandra as part of
convincing her to help them in their investigation of the Hunt Club.  Sofia was originally born and raised in Helsinki,
has naturally white-blonde hair, is tan, and very skinny.  The Hunt Club women hate her because she is the epitome of
everything they are not.  The Hunt Club feels that women like Sofia make them invisible and, in essence, are killing
them, so it is okay to kill her.  

WILLIAM “WILL” RUTHERFORD, III:  He is the handsome, rich target of Annette Rodacker.  Annette and the Hunt Club
successfully trick Will into falling in love with Annette and marrying her.  William is of the “Kennebunkport Rutherfords”
and is a cousin of the Kennedys.

BRANTLEY GARNIER:  Brantley is a gorgeous, successful member of the Washington D.C. Elite and the son of a
wealthy real-estate developer.  He is the target of Amber for her hunt, and the Hunt Club go to drastic measures to
make sure he falls in love with and proposes to Amber, including sabotaging his political career with a hooker.  It is
during Amber’s hunt of Brantley that Sandra gets to see first-hand how evil the Hunt Club really is.

DAVID ALLAN HOPWOOD, JR.:  He is a good-looking, rich medical student at Johns Hopkins who becomes
Sandra's target for her hunt when Sandra needs to get the focus off of Michael.  David loves animals, especially
horses, and was actually going to become a vet before he followed in his father’s footsteps in medical school.  
Sandra is set up to also like horses in order to bond with him.  

DWAYNE DAUBERT:  Dwayne is a twenty-something, gorgeous firefighter with the Grand Prairie, Texas, Fire
Department.  When Sandra needs to convince the Hunt Club not to go after Michael Warren, she briefly encourages
the women to target Dwayne Daubert instead.  Dwayne makes less than $30,000 a year, which is unacceptable to the
Hunt Club (since they get 10 percent of Sandra’s future husband’s yearly salary as part of the contract Sandra signed
when joining Hunt Club, as well as 50 percent when they get divorced).  Sandra has fun playing with the older ladies
of Hunt Club by pretending she’s interested in the impoverished Dwayne.  Eventually, Dwayne is relocated by the Hunt
Club to Wyoming, and Sandra backs off of targeting him in fear they may kill him.

JODEE MARGARET ORKESTER:  Jodee is a sweet, pretty, fresh-off-the-farm Washington D.C. Intern who is dating
Brantley Garnier at the time the Hunt Club targets Brantley for Amber’s hunt.  She “mysteriously” is run off the road and
killed in a car accident.  

CAMI TERRELL:  Cami is a thirty-something, attractive, successful photojournalist working in Washington D.C.  She
is best friends with Brantley Garnier, and the Hunt Club determines she is a threat to their plan to target Brantley for
Amber’s hunt.

BRENDA BAIN:  Brenda is the gum-smacking, neon-lip-gloss-wearing, high-pitched-voiced, 16 year-old pizza maker
and phone person that makes Sandra’s life miserable at the pizza place.  Born into money and strikingly pretty,
Brenda is spoiled and loves to needle Sandra.  When Sandra mentions Brenda’s antics to Miriam at the Hunt Club,
she unknowingly sets in motion a car accident that nearly takes Brenda’s life.  


SENIOR AGENT MCFARLAND:  He is a seasoned FBI agent who is 100% by the book.  He is in his late thirties,
attractive, polished, professional, and almost robotic in his actions.  He even speaks in third person about his
opinions.  For example, instead of telling Sandra how much he appreciates her help with their investigation of the
Hunt Club, Agent McFarland says, “The FBI appreciates your assistance.”  It is as if McFarland and the FBI are one

GLORIA WALTMAN:  Gloria is your typical rich, sweet grandmother who is on the charter boat in Hawaii with her
husband, George, when Sandra goes on her hunt for Michael Warren.  She and her sweet, elderly husband play
integral, unsuspecting roles in her hunt for Michael.  

JERRY:  He is the manager of the pizza place where Sandra works as the Assistant Manager.  He is the manager we
all hated when we worked in fast food as a teenager.  He is a dictator, he honestly believes he is a successful
businessman, and he believes that there is no greater job than manager.  He has no respect for women and feels
like the 16 year-old employees who answer phones and make pizzas are worthless.  If he had his way he would fire
everyone and do everything himself.  He is always yelling things like:  “If there’s time enough to lean, there’s time
enough to clean” and believes the phones must always be answered on the first ring.  He makes everyone’s life
miserable, especially Sandra’s.

CHRIS MYERS:  Chris is a good-looking college kid who works for the pizza place part-time as a delivery driver.  All of
the girls who work there have crushes on Chris, and he loves the attention.  He doesn’t respect Sandra as Assistant
Manager and treats her like she is invisible.  Chris’s actions are the measuring stick for Sandra’s inability to fit in.

THE MANTA RAYS:  The Manta Rays mentioned in the book during Sandra's hunt
of Michael, including “Lefty” and “Bertha,” are real life Manta Rays known by scuba
divers off the coast of Hawaii.  For more information about them, please visit the
Manta Pacific Research Foundation:

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